How This Couple Outsmarted the Competition with Cash Offer

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• Making a Cash Offer on a House During a Competitive Bidding War •

Still trying to get your offer accepted on a house in this crazy real estate market? Here’s how these buyers eventually succeeded by making an all-cash offer on a house, finally putting an end to months of endless searching & heartache.

For buyers like Shayan and Mahboubeh, navigating the real estate market can be a frustrating experience. The market is the hottest and the most competitive in US history, so it can be a challenge for buyers to set themselves apart and win the house they want.

“We didn’t have enough money to put 20 percent down [as a down payment]. We could only afford to put down 10 percent, so we were not competitive to buy a house. We made seven offers and were in the market for three months. We were very tired of spending every day [trying to find] a house, putting in an offer and [then] eventually being rejected.”

This is where Donny Suh, a Reali agent, stepped in.

Buy a house with a cash offer

The Path to Home

Donny Suh, Shayan and Mahboubeh’s real estate agent, introduced them to Reali and our suite of sell and buy products. At first, they were skeptical, given their experience in the market. “I had given up and even told my wife that we have to wait until we can save enough for a 20 percent down payment. Then, Donny advised us to consider making a cash offer on a house using Reali’s funds. We got the home that we wanted in a week. It [can be] very hard to trust real estate agents, but Donny was a breath of fresh air.”

The new homeowners credit Reali Cash Offer with helping them to buy their first home. They most enjoyed the convenience and transparency of the program, as well as the minimal cost. “We bought the house we want, thanks to Reali’s team and Cash Offer program.”

The Reali Difference

What sets a Reali apart from the rest? For one thing, our commitment to an honest, transparent experience. For Shayan and Mahboubeh, the Reali difference came down to the unique sell and buy programs and Reali’s people. Access to an all cash offer company with innovative financing tools like Reali Cash Offer and Buy Before You Sell made all the difference.

“Our Reali Agent, Donny, was incredible. We can’t thank him enough for his patience, professionalism, and always being there for us. It was our first time buying a house, so there was a lot that we didn’t know. Donny took the time and walked us through the process,” recalls Mahboubeh.

“He introduced us to the Cash Offer program and arranged a cash bid on our behalf, which eventually made buying the house possible in this very competitive market. He was very professional and always responsive, even at night and on the weekends. He got the house for us at the best price. Without Reali, we couldn’t be homeowners,” continues Shayan.

Your Reali Agent will negotiate on your behalf, using their years of negotiation experience to go to bat for you, ensuring that you get the best deal on your home. They also have the local knowledge and expertise to help you make wise and informed decisions.

Reali Cash Offer

Whether you are selling, buying, or selling and buying a home at the same time, Reali has you covered. Reali’s unique suite of sell and buy products helps you stand out from the crowd and unlock a smarter and less stressful path to your next home.

Reali Cash Offer, that Shayan and Mahboubeh used, is like the rich uncle you never had. Sellers love cash offers and will accept them over traditional mortgage-backed bids 9 times out of 10. Reali gives you the competitive edge you need to increase your chances of winning the home that you love. Combined with the expertise of your local real estate agent, Cash Offer means that you can shop for the right home with confidence — and much less stress.

Our agents across California are dedicated to providing a simple, stress-free journey from one home to the next.

The Bottom Line

Your home is your biggest investment, so make the most of it. Buy your new house with the power of cash, move in faster than ever before, and let your local Reali Agent handle the rest. Call 858.880.0195 or email to get started.

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