Places in San Diego that Start with “A”

List of all cities, towns, and neighborhoods in San Diego County starting with the letter “A,” in alphabetical order.

San Diego is a Southwestern city on the Pacific Ocean coast of Southern California, located on the Mexico–United States border. For instance, it is the fifth most populous county in the United States. San Diego is known for its mild year-round climate, natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches and parks. The city has associations with the United States Navy, along with recent emergence within healthcare and biotechnology. In other words, San Diego is the second largest city in the state of California, after Los Angeles.

San Diego is frequently referred to as the “Birthplace of California.” Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo claimed the area for Spain after landing in San Diego Bay in 1542. After that, San Diego became part of the newly declared Mexican Empire in 1821. Finally, California joined the United States in 1848 following the Mexican–American War and was admitted into the union as a state in 1850.

Here are all of the San Diego cities, towns, and neighborhoods whose names begin with the letter “A.” This list of places includes areas around San Diego County, California.

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