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• Tips to Sell Your House Fast for the Highest Possible Price •

Thanks to a fervent seller’s market across San Diego, homes are up for grabs an average of only 13 days before getting snatched up by an eager buyer. Good news for sellers, although a market like this can also come with a few pitfalls. Luckily, you have us to show you how you can close on a great deal without sacrificing too much time or peace of mind.

In a seller’s market, your goal is to get multiple offers. Here are some tips to keep them coming:


Prepare Your Home

Think like a buyer! Preparing your home for sale involves taking care of all the little—and big—things that may be deal-breakers or price-droppers in a buyer’s mind.

Here are some things you may want to fix or spruce up to get buyers’ pens moving:

  • Landscape. Curb appeal is everything, and a tidy lawn and landscaping is key to attracting enticing offers.
  • Fix, refinish, or polish the flooring. This may involve getting rid of carpeting. Many buyers prefer to see a blank, hardwood canvas on which they can envision their own flooring tastes.
  • Fine tune the HVAC system. The San Diego sun gets hot. Occasionally, cool mornings or evenings can have a bit too much bite, as well. A well-tuned HVAC system can be a draw for temperature-sensitive buyers.
  • Putty and paint. Smooth, neutral walls and trim not only makes a home look great, but also convey a sense of quality, security, and comfort.

Stage Your Home

When you sell with Compass Concierge, cleaning and staging is included, but there’s more you can do to make buyers fall in love with your home — and increase the amount they are willing to pay. Remember, you’re not staging it to your taste. Your goal is to create a nice, neutral setting that allows most buyers to envision themselves building a life in your home.

  • Position furniture to highlight open, flowing spaces.
  • Sweat the details:
    • Flowers that match each room’s dominant colors
    • Accent towels and cushions that incorporate your main color schemes
    • Lamps, coffee table accents, and artwork that enhance the current style of the room
  • Get rid of:
    • Personal photos
    • Pet accessories
    • Quirky décor that may appeal to you, but not the average buyer
  • Hide clutter and personal toiletries such as toothbrushes, makeup, and grooming tools under the sink or in cabinets. Clean countertops are best.
  • Set the dining table.
  • Add life with potted plants, large and small, starting from the outside of the home and continuing to the interior.

Taking a little extra time upfront to get your home exactly how buyers want it and then encouraging some healthy competition can result in several simultaneous — and lucrative — offers. And remember, when you’re ready to sell, Reali (especially our Concierge service) is here to get you the most for your home without the headaches, hassles, and hidden fees.

The Bottom Line

Call us at 858.880.0195 or email to get started with Reali today.

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