New Listings in San Diego

Data provided by Redfin Corporation courtesy of Tableau data visualization software.

This graph shows how many new listings came on the market in San Diego, CA this week. During an inventory shortage, new home listings are a key indicator for future home sales. They highlight the number of Sellers putting homes up for sale, or in other words: fresh supply.

New listings also measure how many Sellers are placing their homes on the market. An increase in new listings helps alleviate the inventory crunch by meeting heightened Buyer demand. When fewer new listings are added, Buyer interest outpaces sales and we see a sizeable gap in prices due to the resulting competition.

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About This Housing Data

Each week, typically on Thursdays, we release a fresh dataset to keep you up-to-date on the newest developments in the San Diego housing market. Stay tuned here for the latest data & commentary on how economic changes are impacting real estate in San Diego.

This data is subject to revisions weekly and should be viewed with caution. If there are any concerns about the data or questions about metric definitions, please reach out for quick & easy clarification. You can download a copy of the full dataset here.

Housing Market Data Basics

Select the tab for the type of data that you’re looking for. Under each tab, you can filter results by metropolitan area, property type, month-over-month change, year-over-year change, and the time period. Each visualization will change with your selections.

After making your selections, click on the visualization and then hit the download button on the bottom right corner to save the data shown. Alternatively, you can select the “Download” tab and download all of the data that we have available.

More Market Insights

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